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About Northwest Pulp & Paper Association

Formed in 1956, the Northwest Pulp & Paper Association (NWPPA) represents 12 member companies and 16 pulp and paper mills in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

NWPPA members produce nearly eight million tons of paper products a year and provide approximately 10,000 predominantly union jobs that pay an average of more than $70,000 a year in wages and benefits. Because many of our members are located in economically stressed rural communities, these family-wage manufacturing jobs help sustain the local economy, with each mill job supporting three to five additional jobs in the community.

NWPPA represents its members on legislative and regulatory issues with special emphasis on environmental and energy policy. In addition, NWPPA offers educational information  and provides regulatory updates through the Association’s newsletter, weekly conference calls and committee meetings.

Our members are committed to being good neighbors, responsible corporate citizens and leaders in technology and science.

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