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Our Products

NWPPA members produce a variety of paper stocks for hundreds of products used in homes, offices, hospitals, stores and factories across the nation and around the globe.

Chances are the milk carton in your refrigerator is made from paper produced by a NWPPA member.  We made the newsprint for your morning newspaper.  The coffee container for your latte was made by a Northwest paper producer, as well as the paper napkin you picked up on the way out the door.

We made the copy paper for your home and office.  Do you use mailing labels,
Post-its® and stationery?  We made those.  Recycled paper?  We make that. Takeout containers?  We make those, too.  We made those paper towels on your kitchen counter and the tissue stored in your bathroom vanity.

NWPPA.  We represent the people who make your life easier.

Paper products are all around us – literally. We don’t go a single day without using something made from paper.
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