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Air Quality

Protecting air quality is a major focus for Northwest paper producers. Federal and state agencies closely track and regulate emissions from paper mills in order to protect air quality. By creating more energy from biomass, which is legally recognized in Washington and Oregon as a carbon neutral source of renewable energy, Northwest paper producers have reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Nationally, between 2000 and 2010, members of the American Forest & Paper Association reduced GHG emissions by 40 percent through less use of fossil fuels and improved technology that reduces harmful air emissions.

NWPPA members have made substantial investments in new environmental technology, with one member investing $71 million in a new biomass cogeneration facility that will reduce particulate emissions by 70 percent. A second NWPPA member is investing $55 million to expand its biomass cogeneration facility.

Despite their achievements, NWPPA members are committed to reducing air emissions even further in the years to come.

As paper producers reduce their use of fossil fuels, they achieve an equivalent reduction in greenhouse gasses.
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