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Member Services

Government Affairs

NWPPA advocates for policies important to its members by educating legislators and policymakers about environment regulatory and tax issues.

Regulatory Affairs

NWPPA provides its members with continual environmental regulatory updates that include specific information on the nature, scope and impact of new or proposed regulatory requirements. In addition, NWPPA represents its members in the rule-making process by participating in agency advisory committees and providing technical assistance and scientific information to agency staff and state regulators.

Training and Continuing Education

In today’s fast-moving global marketplace, technological advancements, scientific developments and changing regulatory requirements require that NWPPA members continually upgrade their knowledge and skills. In recognition, NWPPA’s Articles of Incorporation and Mission Statement provide that training and continuing education opportunities are a priority for the association.

NWPPA members produce nearly eight million tons of paper products a year and provide approximately 10,000 predominantly
union jobs.
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